Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lewis Hamilton Wearing Prescription Eyewear

Lewis Hamilton Wearing Prescription Eyewear

It's the start of the the new Formula One season and this weekend, the current (and three-time) World Champion Lewis Hamilton was back on top form by taking pole position for the 2016 Australian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton has become something of a style icon away from the grid over recent years and even when he's wearing his fire-proof Mercedes overalls he still manages to show off some of his style choices through countless amounts of sunglasses around the pitlane.

This weekend however at the first race of the season in a not-so-sunny Melbourne, Australia Hamilton was more often seen wearing his prescription Eyewear with clear lenses.

We're not exactly sure if Hamilton needs prescription glasses or if he is just wearing clear/plano lenses for fashion reasons - but the latter would be my guess.

It's not the first time Hamilton has been seen wearing clear glasses frames, he has posted many photos of himself on Instagram wearing these trendy retro-style round-rimmed-glasses as you can see in these photos below.

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