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Rory McIlroy - Oakley Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses

Current World Number 1 Golfer Rory McIlroy is one of Oakley's biggest names right now... and lets be honest, Oakley have a LOT of athletes under their umbrella. The Northern Irishman is having a great year, having recently won The US PGA Championship at Kiawah Island by eight shots in August.

Oakley are so proud of their star golfer, they have splashed him all over their website and are using him in much of their publicity at the moment. They also paid tribute to Rory with the image below wearing his Oakley Fast Jacket XL sunglasses up-side-down on the back of his head as he takes a swing.

Oakley have dressed Rory McIlroy head-to-toe in all their clobber, even down to his belt and shoes. But it's the sunglasses we are really interested in. Rory's current choice of sports sunglasses is the Oakley Fast Jacket XL as you can see in the images in this post.

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Oakley - Fast Jacket XL Sunglasses with Switchlock Technology

Rory McIlroy is seen wearing these Oakley Fast Jacket XL sunglasses in the first image at the top of this post and in the video below.  This is the OO9156-07 colour option in Polished White with OO Red Polarized Lenses. It also comes with additional G40 lenses.

Rory McIlroy is often seen wearing this frame in various other colour options too, such as this OO9156-05 in Polished Black with Black Iridium Polarized Lenses. This option comes with additional lenses in Persimmon colour.

The Fast Jacket and Fast Jacket XL sunglasses are one of Oakley's top performance sunglasses models and feature Oakley's Switchlock technology allowing you to easily swap out the lenses to match the conditions of play.

In case you were wondering, the only difference between the Fast Jacket and the Fast Jacket XL is the shape of the lenses. The XL version comes with slightly taller lenses with a more squared off corner, giving slightly better coverage, especially for people with slightly larger faces.

In fact, since the frame is identical for both models you can buy spare lenses and easily change between the standard or the XL lenses as you please.

Rory McIlroy Talks about the Oakley Fast Jacket

Don't just take it from me, listen to the man himself as Rory McIlroy talks about the Oakley Fast Jacket in this video by Oakley.

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